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The Picture On The Front Of My Phone (Wallpaper)

by Dan O'Connor

I recently got asked, “What’s that photo on your phone (wallpaper)?” It was this photo…this is my Dad in the late 1950’s- he was an amazing QB at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. He played his first few years of high school without a face mask- which led to him breaking his nose and losing his 4 front teeth. 
I use this photo as a reminder that life can knock you on your butt, break your nose, and knock out your teeth, but after all that you can choose to let that make you stronger. Life is not easy and some people have it harder than others, but everyone struggles in life and everyone has setbacks or obstacles that they can choose to overcome if they want to. I use this photo to remind me that I want to choose to keep going after life knocks my teeth out or breaks my nose.
I miss this man very much and I use him as an example of things I should do and things I shouldn’t- that’s what parents are for. They are not perfect, but they are examples…⠀⠀